Hack, hack, hack…

Fixed up a few more bugs in mkinitrd this morning then spent most of the afternoon in the loader. I think I should pretty much have CD installs workable again. Getting ftp/http up and running should be pretty simple and NFS isn't too terrible. Then the big thing is actually getting module loading/driver disk code into place. If I can get good chunks of all of that done this weekend, I'll be glad. I need to spend some more time thinking about how to handle multiple module-info files and merging the data, but there are a couple of simple stupid ways to do it.

Left work at a reasonable hour to grab dinner and go see the new Bond movie. Ate at Mellow Mushroom for the first time in quite a while actually. Then got tickets to see Bond and had to waste a little bit of time so ran into Border's to waste a little time. Then saw Bond, which was just good fun. Nothing more, nothing less really. One of the better Bond films probably with lots of good explosions 🙂