Hacked on the loader pretty much all day at work today (well, took a while to get going, but then did) with the exception of being distracted a few times to look at random tree horkage. Making progress, even if not as quickly as I would have liked.

Came home and played some more Metroid. Then, watched Enterprise and West Wing and then played more Metroid. Metroid is quite fun and a bit.. umm… addictive. Yeah. I'm making pretty good progress, so if I'm lucky, I'll beat it over Thanksgiving. Then I can get back to actually doing work 😉

Was going to work some more on the loader tonight, but I've played quite a bit of Metroid and want to read a bit before going to bed, so oh well. Hopefully I'll sleep better tonight so that I can wake up and get to work early in the morning and get cracking again on the loader.

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