Read some (finished Manifold: Space last night, but I also had made a trip to the library yesterday, so this wasn't really a problem šŸ™‚ and then played a bit of Mario Sunshine.

Now, I'm sitting and poking my work on the grub splashimage stuff toward completion again. I had it mostly done and sort of forgot where I was on it. First problem was remembering where I left off since I didn't leave myself any sort of todo list. Took care of that and am now well on my way to getting things working correctly I do believe.

Oh, and upgraded to the new logjam today… it's pretty gtk2, but kind of poorly key-navigable due to a lack of full mnemonics. I could go through and add the rest of the useful mnemonics if I wanted, but I'll probably just wait until it bugs me a little bit more.

Now, if the gnome2 evo port will start building…