Kind of frustrating day at work for a while. It seems that every time I would get started trying to look at stuff, someone else would come over to tell me something or ask me another question or something like that. And I already had a headache from my allergies. So I started getting a little bit… cranky. So Matt finally pulled my door shut and wrote on it and then I got bothered less. Still some, but it wasn't as bad. Got through all of loader.c today and now just need to get through the driver disk / module loading stuff. And I've looked through it all before (and it's less code), so I'm going to try to get through that over the course of the weekend.

Was going to just come home and be a bum, but talked me into going to dinner. It was okay — not sure I'd suggest going back to the place again, but if someone else did and others went along with it, I probably would too.

Came home and poked around on IRC for a bit. Then watched tonight's Firefly which was pretty good. I hope that Fox doesn't decide to cancel it :/

Now trying to decide whether to read or play Mario for a bit…