Feeling much better today, roughly normal for me or at least close enough for government work.

Got random bits done today at work. Not necessarily as much as I would have liked. Spent a little bit chasing a ghost. Also mostly got the code pulled out of mii-tool to do link detection and then finished it up when I got home this evening. Now I just have to bind it and we can do isys.linkStatus(“eth0”) and get a nice response. Also will be cool for the loader so that we can tell you that you don't have your network cable plugged in when you try to do a network install. Kind of one of those silly sounding features, but a nice one to have all the same. Especially if you have two, three or a dozen network cards in your machine.

Cool news of the day was hearing on my way home from work that WCPE has an ogg vorbis stream now. Especially nice as it means I don't have to dig out the mp3 plugin to install on my new machine at work. I tend to switch back and forth between listening to WCPE most of the time and my CD collection, so this will make it easier to listen to WCPE at work again. It's also cool that they support free formats and they're pretty active about saying (paraphrased) "The DMCA is bad. Call your congressperson and tell them.". Granted, they actually back it up a little more than that (things like only being able to play three tracks from a disc in a certain period of time, which can be problematic if you want to play an entire symphony or the like).

Randomly had the cleaning urge hit me this evening, so cleaned up a bit. Also did laundry, which I was needing to do. Always a pain, but clean clothes are a plus.

Now, going to read for a short while and then hit the proverbial hay…