Ugh, crappy weekend seeing as I spent most of it being sick. Friday around midnight as I was watching a filesystem grow, I started feeling kind of crappy. Once the outage was over, came home and slept for 12 hours. Felt a little better but didn't do much other than take my cat to the vet (since he'd been acting kind of sickly for a few days). Slept a lot Saturday evening/night, woke up Sunday and again felt a little better. Again sat around most of the afternoon and didn't really do much of anything. Worked a bit on my Christmas list, but not quite there yet. Watched some TV and hit the sack early, hoping to go to work yesterday. Woke up in time to go to work yesterday, but still felt kind of crappy, so emailed in sick. Got on IRC around midday and did a little bit. Took the day kind of light, napped and watched tv (yes, this is what I do when I'm, albeit rarely, sick).

Woke up this morning and started to get ready for work, but then felt a little light-headed so sat down on my bed for a few minutes. Next thing I knew it was noon. Oops. Got on IRC and started working a bit from home. After a few hours of that, dragged myself to work and got some stuff done. Feeling fairly good right now. Hopefully it'll keep up.

I have to say, though, that's probably the sickest I've been in at least 8-10 years. I really don't get sick very often but this was something of a doozie. Unsure the cause, because as usual, I'm too stubborn to actually go see a medical professional — I can treat myself thank you very much 🙂 Now to have some dinner and sit around some this evening, maybe do a little bit more work. We'll see….