Spent a lot of time today tracking down a few bugs I introduced. Well, and a lot of time setting up my new workstation. At this point, I could almost turn off my old box and not have a problem, but I'll probably leave it on for a while. At some point, I need to swap the CD-RW into my new workstation, but that's easy and just a matter of doing it at some point. Need to see about getting more ram for the box and if I'm getting some, I'll wait until the ram gets here to do the switch.

In the world of package building, finally got gnome-spell's dependencies built right for arches with lib64 so that gnome-spell would build. Then built new gstreamer (0.4.2) and cvs rhythmbox packages this evening. Newer rhythmbox seems to do better with large libraries, although it still takes a while on the initial add. I guess I can't fault that much, though.