A few more bugs fixed today, a lot of time spent fighting with random build horkage. Just kind of painful and frustrating to have to deal with that. Also got a new machine to use as a workstation, so I spent a while this evening logged into it and setting things up. I think I'm basically ready now to switch its IP tomorrow and try to use it for doing work. I'll just leave my old workstation on the network and unchanged for a while until I make sure there's nothing I'm missing. New box should be fairly nice, although I need to look into more RAM for it. There are also a number of random package upgrades (xft mozilla, evolution beta, etc) that I haven't done yet that I need to, but those are all things that I can do on a package by package basis. The better question is if I get a new hostname for it…

Also looked at gtk2 abiword today and was pretty impressed by how far they've gotten. It's actually seemed pretty good in my quick testing.

The other thing I did some experimenting with was GUI irc clients. xchat 1.9.x seems to fix some of the classic bugs I've had with xchat, but there are still annoyances. The fact that I like being constantly connected and the thought of reconnecting all the time being near the top of that list. At one point, I had looked at irssi's proxy mode to remedy that situation, but it didn't seem to work for me tonight. So I looked at dircproxy again as well and hit a few problems and then managed to crash it. irssi's proxy mode is definitely more appealing because then I just leave irssi running and can use it as a fallback when I don't have X present. dircproxy is just sort of okay and only allows a single user to connect at a time which doesn't quite match my usage patterns.

It'll require some more poking, probably over the weekend. For now, continuing to use irssi is definitely my best option.

And now it's 2:30 and I've spent a while playing around with random software. Tomorrow I need to try to bulid new gstreamer and rhythmbox packages from CVS. Also a new gnome-pilot release which should make my hackery for a single capplet unnecessary came out today so I'll have to build it and test it out tomorrow.