Hacked on various bits today. Hacked up a cool feature for upgrades and threw in some pretty UI effects to keep the UI people happy. I'm actually to the point where I can anticipate the gimicks UI people will want to see and just do it even if it's nothing more than a placebo effect. It's kind of amusing really.

Went to the LUG meeting. Kind of underwhelming. Pretty poor turnout. Went to Korea Garden for dinner which was good, though.

Haven't done much since, really. Watched 24 and the Daily Show, played a little bit of Mario Sunshine, and caught up on my email and bugzilla a bit. Going to read a bit more and then head to bed I think.

The one downside to having bought a gamecube is that I've been spending less time reading than I was before, but the novelty will wear off I'm sure.