I get the feeling that this is going to be really detrimental to my productivity at night. Then again, maybe that will serve to increase my productivity during the day. I can at least hope so.

As mentioned earlier, bought a gamecube this afternoon. So I've spent much of the afternoon and evening playing Mario Sunshine. It took some getting used to Mario in 3d since I never played Mario64, but I think I've pretty much got it now and am making pretty good progress. As with all of the Mario games, the biggest asset is always manual dexterity and my years of playing Mario games are coming back to me and serving me well 😉 Quite fun and the graphics are really impressive. Digital audio, fully rendered 3d characters and environment, really good water effects. It's pretty impressive what Nintendo is doing these days, IMHO.

Also read a bit in Flatterland, which is a book in the style of Flatland but covering more modern mathematics. I'm about a third through it and am getting to read the exploits of a line in multideimensional space, fractional spaces, and topological space. Where it goes from here should be interesting and it is also a pretty good mental exercise to think about the things in there and try to keep one step ahead. None of it is terribly complicated math, but it is stuff that I haven't thought about for a while.

Off to read for a bit and then to sleep so that I can get into work tomorrow at a decent hour. Otherwise, it'll be tricky to get out and come home to play more Mario Sunshine 😉