Spent a large chunk of the day moving some hardware around in the server room and making room for a few new build machines. Always takes a lot longer than I think it should to do that. Most of the rest of the day was spent going through bugzilla — a lot of bugs had built up that I hadn't really given the proper attention and I'm doing a lot better there now. I've also managed to cut down my number of open bugs by about 10%.

By about 7, virtually everyone have left, so I did too. Came home and have basically been watching some things that have been recorded this week — right now I'm watching Edward Scissorhands which makes a good Halloween movie to watch. And Danny Elfman is the man.

Looked a little at one of the things I want to do with anaconda tonight. The code side is easy, I just need to figure out how to do the UI side of things now. And that's the hard part, especially for me.

One thought on “159240”

  1. I was in Third Place earlier, reading a book, and noticed that interesting music was playing. The conversation between me and some other regulars went something like this:

    Me: good music
    OR0: We were just discussing that
    OR1: I wonder what it is
    Me: Sounds like maybe Elfman, but I don’t recognize it. It isn’t Batman, nor Nightmare, nor Darkman, Spider-Man, or Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure. Maybe Edward Scissorhands. (then louder, to the owner) Hey, Ty?
    Ty: Yeah?
    Me: What’re we listening to?
    Ty: The soundtrack from that movie, er, Edward Scissorhands.

    Indeed, Elfman does rule. I’ve been listening to the oggs of the score from The Nightmare Before Christmas this evening; loaned me the CD yesterday. I still think Pee Wee’s Big Adventure is the best I’ve heard of his though.

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