I haven't really accomplished anything this evening (or at all today really, for that matter).

came by my cube around 6 to see if I wanted the ticket he had to see the sneak preview of Punch Drunk Love. I thought it looked interesting, so went to see it. It was pretty good; not nearly as good as Magnolia, but I sort of expected that since Punch Drunk Love is intended to be more "mainstream"

Came home and caught up with my mom to plan meeting her tomorrow evening for dinner. Then poked around for a while catching up on my email and the news.

Eventually decided to do something useful and looked some more into the issues with gnome2 on 64-bit platforms such as ia64. Closer, but not quite clear on why things are breaking yet. Have some thoughts, though, so I might be able to nail it down this weekend.

Need to figure out what to do for a halloween costume in quick order, since I need it for Saturday night… I'll come up with something, I'm sure.

Plans for tomorrow include looking at some more fun things I'm wanting to do with anaconda to get away from the pain that is architecture porting for a bit. Also should work on my presentation for the worldwide engineering meeting next week; I've got a pretty good idea of what I'm going to talk about, but I need to nail it down and get slides.

Off to read now…