Have had a fairly relaxing weekend, even with the installfest yesterday, which is probably good to prepare me for the week ahead. I really need to start buckling down again and getting a lot done.

Woke up this morning and puttered around for a bit and updated my cvs GNOME build to one that works again. Grabbed lunch with and made a quick run to the grocery store to fill my freezer.

Then, went to the State Fair with , , , and . The last time I went to the State Fair was for State Fair at Science & Math, so I felt like I should have had an accelerometer with me 😉 Had a good time — went on the ferris wheel, a roller coaster that also spun you around and one of the “spin you in circles and turn you upside down” rides. Also walked around a couple of the exhibit halls (the art and education one and the biotechnology one) and saw some neat stuff. Fun way to spend the afternoon.

Came home and made a quick dinner and then spent a while watching things recorded by Tivo. I've noticed that I watch a lot more TV now that I have a Tivo than I did before. I'm not really sure if this is a good or a bad thing, but am leaning towards bad. At the same time, I haven't been spending as much time at work, so unlike the last time when I was less busy at work and spent all of my spare time online, I'm at least getting away from the computer some. I'll probably get back to watching tv while doing things for work at the same time soon. Quite possibly this week since I have a fair bit I want to do.

So, overall good weekend. I had some things that I probably should have worked on (finishing up the grub patch, getting all of the evolution beta into rawhide, looking at cvs abiword) but I don't really feel too bad about it — I'll just have to make up for it this week. I think I will quickly go through and try to close the easy dupes in bugzilla from the weekend.

Then, to read for a bit and then go to bed. Have to be in to work tomorrow morning for a meeting.