Had a pretty productive day in general today. Especially considering how late I was up and that I then didn't wake up too terribly late. Managed to make it through the new anaconda bugs (well, I left a couple of rfe-type bugs new for the moment) without much incident. Need to go through the replied-to needinfo bugs tomorrow and the aforementioned RFE's.

Then, it was back to getting anaconda working with rpm 4.1. And I'm actually now at the point where it works — there are a couple of patches I need to feed Jeff tomorrow, but neither is really very controversial. Then comes to the question of what to do about the header list — do I do as Jeff would prefer and get rid of them in their current form and try to use some other representation of the same data (which to large degree, I actually already do — well enough for the install case anyway) or do I fix up the header list to have all of the more current “required” headers.

Was going to come home and make dinner but got talked into going to dinner with some folks from work. Had some interesting conversations. Meant I got home a little later than I had planned, though, and so I didn't work on some of the stuff I had kind of planned on.

Came home and started looking at my mozilla 1.2beta package again. Got it built, but it doesn't seem to want to work. At this point, I think I'm going to fall back to plan b — pester blizzard until he builds it. Did manage to get a working evolution 1.1.2 built, though, and it seems to be a bit faster than 1.1.1 at first glance.

Now I have CVS gnome building to se how it's shaping up and also to bang on the Xrandr support some. Had to patch the configure.in of both metacity and gtk+, but with that done, metacity at least seems to act reasonably with xrandr, moving windows so they're visible, etc. Hopefully the panel also already has support, otherwise, I'll probably work on that in the next day or so.