Reinstalled the loaner laptop this evening without LVM so that I can actually try more experimental bits on it easily. Installed Mike's XFree cvs snap from yesterday which actually seems to work without any problems. DRI doesn't work with our current 2.4 kernel, but I can't say that's surprising given the DRI developers' lack of adhering to anything stable in that respect. The transparent cursor feature seems to work nicely and might be marginally useful — there's a weird ghost of the cursor, though. Unsure if that's intentional or not. The big win to me, though, is XRandR — this is a new X extension which allows for actual resolution switching on the fly. In theory, it should also support rotation of the screen and eventually bit depth changing. The combination of these will make per-user X resolution settings able to be a reality which is a wonderful thing for lab-based environments. The only outstanding piece of the puzzle here is the fact that neither GNOME nor KDE know what to do with xrandr. Then again, it shouldn't be too terribly difficult to add, either I wouldn't think.

The other fun really experimental bit I installed is 2.5.42-ac1. With ACPI. Which, umm… doesn't work too well on the Thinkpads right now. Multiple oopsen in the ACPI code and I also triggered the OOM code with the cpufreq (speedstep) stuff once. ALSA seemed to basically work and the networking stuff did as well. orinoco_pci seemed to stand up for about 300 megs of data transfer, which it wasn't doing before but it still required the weird reset hack to get it to recognize my wireless AP.

Yes, I've been having entirely too much fun playing with experimental software this weekend. Next step is to get a CVS GNOME build. I will then be running lots of development software again, which is always good for making life more exciting 😉

On my plate for tomorrow — probably most of the day will be spent being friendly with bugzilla. I looked at the anaconda bugs a couple of days last week, but not every day and not at all the latter half of the week, so things have certainly piled up by now. Also need to spend some time looking at why my transaction sets aren't getting sorted in an order that I'd consider “correct” which will probably be painful at best. Then, I really need to get to work on the grub raid stuff and redoing the grub splashscreen patch to actually work with CVS grub. The only good part is I've figured out the easy way to test the latter and can even do so at home if I want.

But now, I'm going to read for a bit before going to bed since I have a nice pile of books sitting beside my bed.