Didn't really do much of consequence today.

Slept in a bit, but didn't wake up at too horrendous of an hour. Many phone calls this morning and early afternoon for some reason, most of which were telemarketers. It's really impressive how many calls we get from telemarketers now — I'm considering going back to my theory of always having the answering machine pick up instead of answering the phone myself.

Then, sat around and finished reading the book I was reading. Which means that now I need to go to the library again. I'll probably do that tomorrow. Went out to Best Buy to pick up some CD-Rs so that I can start burning my oggs to CDs and then just have a copy of all of my CDs at work.

Went to dinner with , , and at Fuddrucker's which was pretty good. Came home, watched The Terminator which had been recorded earlier in the week by the Tivo — I had forgotten just how bad it really was. Also watched The Agency and SNL. The former was pretty good, the latter was the mediocre that has been SNL for a while now — the new guy doing Bush isn't nearly as good as Will Ferrell was.