Didn't do much on anaconda today, mostly did some bugfixing on redhat-config-packages to follow up to a variety of little bug reports that have been filed. Nothing too terribly disasterous, but some stuff that I probably should have caught. Oh well 🙁

Then, stayed late to help in moving some build machines around and recabling a couple of our racks so that they'd look neater and be a bit easier to get to things in. I had forgotten what a pain that can be.

Now, I'm checking mozilla out of CVS since blizzard finally got approval for to land the Xft changes. And they'll be in 1.2. Hooray! I figure I'll try to do a build of phoenix with gtk2 and xft support to see what hapens. If it doesn't work, I've just wasted some time. If it does work, I'll have font goodness for web browsing. And then I'll probably take the time to at least look at building a package although it'll probably be slightly tricky to do so for phoenix in a way that doesn't hose things or conlict with our mozilla packages.