Merrily we hack along

Another day of work, another while spent on bugzilla. I mostly did it from home before going in this morning, though, which was a bit more efficient (at least, it seemed like it went faster). Went in and started poking at a couple of different things.

Making progress on the rpm 4.1 front, but still not there yet. Going to try to get together a simpler test case than full anaconda tonight I think for testing one bit that I'm working on. Also need to build a python with debug symbols and run on a machine with more ram. gdb + python + rpm leads to a pretty high memory footprint — it might actually be worthwhile to get another half gig stick to put in my box at home so I can have a gig of ram here. I just wish that my workstation at work was close to as beefy :/

But, the first order of business for the moment is to figure out what to do for dinner. Then, I'm probably going to watch Enterprise and West Wing while doing a bit of hacking.