Hrmm… how did it get to be after 2am?

Didn't do much of use today. Slept in and then woke up and poked around on IRC and bugzilla a bit.

Went out and looked around at recliners at a few places; didn't find anything that I liked a whole lot. My best plan to get a good recliner will probably be to take a weekend and go to my parents and go to some of the furniture places in Hickory. I should actually probably see when the annual furniture show is this year — it's usually in October I think and you can generally get good deals on floor models.

Then, went to dinner with , his roommate, and . Came back, watched Who Framed Roger Rabbit which I had had the Tivo record earlier in the day. I had forgotten how much fun that movie is 🙂 Then watched Alias and sat around talking about neat things to do with Tivo and upcoming processors and the like for a while.

Now, I've caught up with my email again (and the fun that is the bitkeeper flamewar on lkml) and am going to head to bed I think. This week is going to have a lot more bugzilla work for me than usual since Mike is on vacation so I'll need to keep up with bugzilla more to some extent.

And I didn't manage to get any of the code written this weekend that I thought about doing… haven't been doing so well on that as of late. Need to get back into the groove.

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  1. Reclining, rocking, not leather and comfortable. The level of features beyond that in recliners is generally overkill. I don’t see the need for heating pads and massagers in the chair itself.

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