Marginally uneventful day. Got some stuff done at work, mostly some random docs stuff and some patch cleanups and bugzilla trawling. Also started looking at grub to figure out how much work reimplementing splashscreen support is going to be. I think that it should be a lot easier and cleaner with the current codebase, but it's still probably a few days of work. I think I'm going to start on it some tomorrow and see how far I get.

Went to dinner instead of coming home and eating here — Applebee's managed not to be horrifically slow, but although their menu is different, it's really not better. Came home, watched Enterprise, West Wing and the Daily Show. Enterprise was okay — it was better than last week's at least. West Wing was pretty good — seems to be a reasonably good show.

Now, it's after midnight and I think it's time for me to read for a bit before going to bed.

One thought on “145118”

  1. Then you got lucky with applebee’s..

    Just had lunch there and ended up eating for free due to someone in my party’s lunch hour ending around the time the food showed up. The scary thing is we got the meal free and didn’t even have to talk to the manager.

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