One thing that I realize the more that I look things is just how ridiculously screwed our schedules always are. Every time I think “oh next time will be less bad”, I reevaluate a few months later and realize I was wrong. And I'm not sure what we can do to help that problem. This time around, one the big problems of course is the holidays being smack dab in the middle and throwing things off. Had some more thoughts on this subject, but I'm going to try to get them a little bit more coherent first.

Got a few things done today. Getting further in the porting effort and might have succeeded in getting something that will work this evening. Can't test for sure until I get into the office tomorrow.

Then, wasted some time moving my CD-R between machines and doing random things like that and setting up a buildroot to actually use for doing things like building cvs evolution and not completely hosing my system. Might work on some scripts over the rest of the week so that I can automate CVS snapshot builds at night and have things instroot'd as they go. Would be cool to get that set up for a few apps that I'm actually caring about tracking closely right now (evolution and rhythmbox immediately come to mind).

Now to read a little bit before I head to bed. Need to try to get up earlier tomorrow than I did today.