Decided that instead of trying to find books to buy, the smarter thing to do was get a library card so that I can just check books out (duh :). The Wake County public library system seems to have a pretty good selection based on just a quick perusal of their online catalog and the branch at Cameron Village is convenient and a pretty good size.

Will probably have the net effect of both a) reducing the amount of money I spend on books and b) make it easier for me to find things to read, leading to me reading more. The latter mostly because I'll regularly not find anything that looks interesting enough to buy, but if there's no monetary strings attached, then I'm much more likely to pick it up and read it. Then, if it's not good, I'm not really out anything.

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  1. Yeah, I’ve noticed the same thing. Of course, some books are always worth buying. Unfortunately, the quality of libraries can vary wildly. Fortunately, the one here is good. 🙂

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