Was going to go to bed early, but that hasn't happened.

Watched Being John Malkovich again in an attempt to put off doing anything useful. Then, played a little more UT2003.

Finally decided to try to get a working gstreamer/rhythmbox stack. Actually managed to be successful at doing so and I'm currently playing some music in rhythmbox. I need to upbase my packages, though, to the current CVS since it's supposedly more stable at handling “large” libraries (which mine probably counts as). Of course, having a working version of rhythmbox makes it obvious just how badly I need to rip all of my CDs to oggs with proper tags. The album type features are really nice. Hopefully cvs has a mini-mode to toggle to — if not, I might have to look into hacking on it a little. Update: it looks like CVS has a tray applet from reading the Changelog. Which should work quite nicely

But now, to sleep I think.