After my meanderings earlier in the week, I decided I should start trying to get back into playing the trombone… so, last night I finally sat down and played for a little while. Did so again tonight. Need to try to do so relatively regularly if I'm to have any chance of getting back into any sort of playing shape.

Of course, the other thing I'm wondering now is where my other mouthpiece disappeared to. The shilke 57 is a good mouthpiece for hitting the low to medium ranges, but it's a little bit large for easily hitting the upper range as it's a good mouthpiece for doubling between regular (tenor) and bass trombone (which I did for a while… back when I got this mouthpiece incidentally ;).

With my embochure as out of shape as it is, a bit more moderate of a mouthpiece would definitely be good for getting back into shape and being able to hit the higher registers. Time to hit the yellow pages and try to find a music store in the area.

And with my embochure as out of shape as it is, that doesn't help me in working back through some of the basic scales. I guess I might go out tomorrow and try to find somewhere to get a new more moderate mouthpiece.

Also, must come up with something better to do tomorrow night than sit around and waste time on IRC. Maybe I'll finally get around to renting Amelie

But now for tonight, I think I'm going to read for a bit

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