Erk, accidentally closed logjam. Oops. Let's try this again.

Reasonably good day, even with the power outage.

Woke up at a decent hour this morning and listened to the rolling requiem on WCPE as I got ready to head into work. Made it in “on time” for a change and actually managed to get some real work done before lunch.

As we were standing outside debating where to go for lunch, Matthew Szulik (CEO) walks up and says “so, who's paying?”. glibly replies with something along the lines of “you are” and then Matthew surprised us all by taking him up on it. So we went to 518 and took a slightly slower lunch with the CEO. Always interesting to see what's on Matthew's mind and today was no exception.

After lunch, back to getting some stuff done. Baffled by why obviously correct changes broke the loader. Made one of the compiler warnings return and it fixed it. Now I'm really frightened. I at least sort of understand why, though. I think. The loader makes my head hurt sometimes, though.

Then, the fun of the power outage. Took everything down. Swapped some hardware back by the light coming in the huge windows on the side of the building. Wasted a little bit of time. Things came back on. Fairly painless — I was pleased.

Now, going to try to get a little bit of work done and then read some more. Read about half of the new Terry Brooks book last night; I figure I'll finish it tonight.