Meetings, bleah. Ended up spending most of the day in meetings just as a consequence of how things turned out. Phone conferences at 1 and 4:30 and then impromptu meeting with the Sr VP of Engineering a little after 6. Never a way to make me feel great about a day, I tend to do better actually getting useful code written.

Then, grabbed a projector and headed to LUG (late, after being called to ask a projector, and passing on his way back to work to pick up a projector). Extremely full room again. I think we definitely need to a) get a bigger room and b) continue to put up signs. Afterwards, went to dinner at Jack Astor's and ended up giving a few people rides since we did have lots of current car-less students attending. Went back to the office to return the projector and check in on things. Shouldn't have.

Eventually headed out and come home and am now just poking around on the 'net a little bit catching up on things from the day before I head to bed.