Ugh, I have a horrible headache now for some reason. Just all of a sudden popped up. Oh well, maybe I'll go to bed early or something

Did some poking at miscellaneous things this afternoon before my parents got here, but without any real resolution. Then went with them to look at flatscreens for my mom since she's decided she wanted one. Figured out the one she liked was cheaper elsewhere but seeing them is a good idea. Then, went to dinner at PF Chang's where we had absolutely horrendous service. The food is reasonably good, but the crappiness of the service is enough to make me not want to go there.

Came back home and considered going to see The Sum of All Fears and decided against it… instead watched a few episodes of Star Trek: TNG and Chasing Amy. While doing so, I managed to get fixes/workarounds for a few bugs today, but I don't know that I really like or am comfortable with any of them.

1) evolution crash. Recompiling gtkmarshal.c with -O0 works around the problem, but likely just by subtly hiding it. I wish I had some better idea of how, though. It's just entirely too much code that I haven't closely looked at to say. Doesn't help that Owen doesn't like this either.
2) things being left out of %packages in anaconda-ks.cfg — oops, my bad. I actually don't mind my fix to this much, though it requires some testing
3) grubby screws up in a big way on lilo.conf's that have the default set to non-linux :/

Bleah. In theory, I have the day off tomorrow. In reality, I'm going to head in and then take a day off later when I'm a little less crazily busy.