Read pretty much all of Shadow Puppets earlier this evening (had read a little bit yesterday after buying it and a little this afternoon while out running errands). It was pretty good — from my hazy at this point memory, better than Shadow of the Hegemon. Makes me realize that I should go back and reread all of the Ender books again, though.

After I finished that up, worked a bit on some of the bugs I wanted to fix this weekend. I got most of them taken care of, but one of them that I really wanted to have done, I didn't. I have, though, figured out most of how to solve it, though I think, so I should be able to knock it out tomorrow and throw a package up for other people to test.

And now, between this and writing my status report, I've managed to get to roughly 4 am again without getting to bed. I'm not sure I really can be considered to be living on EDT anymore.

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  1. Thanks for the tip… I had no idea it came out, or what it ended up being called. Of course, I’m the type to wait for the paperback, but I can go to the library for it at least.

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