Hacked on redhat-config-packages a bit this afternoon. Got some of the annoying little bugs and optimizations I wanted to get done out of the way. The big things outstanding there are the reports of CD based installs not working because of magicdev and handling main CD deps from an “extra” CD.

The latter is probably the easier of the two at this point — I've got an idea of how to change the way files are copied within the tool to make things work. It's a bit more code than I'd like, but it should work pretty well. The former is probably going to involve some sort of gross hack :/

Oh, and after that, I should probably do a little bit of code cleanup to get some of the common codepaths coming from the same place (especially the option handling). If I do that, I can probably get a tweak to have a (unofficial, unsupported) config file to use for pointing as your installation source which will be kind of handy.