*yawn* sitting and watching a tree build so that I can verify my changes didn't screw anything up too badly. Spent most of the day today tracking down 100% Weird Shit ™. The sad part is that with each one, things got weirder. I did manage to fix some bizarre, difficult to uncover bugs, though.

The last was all 's fault and I probably wouldn't worry as much about testing if it weren't for the changes I had to make for him. He wasn't getting LS-120 detection in the loader properly. So, after a few hours of digging, it turns out that the problem is a mismatch between dietlibc and glibc's ideas of what dirents look like. So, libkudzu_loader is now built with dietlibc. I just hope that doesn't break anything else :/

And now I wait… luckily, tree builds are a lot faster than they used to be. Still wish they were a bit faster, though.