Spent a lot of the day at work either reading email, replying to email, or catching up from the weekend. Not a great way to start off the week. Did get at least a little bit of Real Work done, though, which was good.

Left work around 7 to help put up posters for LUG. We had a reasonable number of people show up to help out which made it take not too long. Then went and had dinner with , , and elliot.

Came home and started poking at some stuff. Made a minor amount of progress on my bug list and upgraded my laptop to (null), fixing a few bugs along the way. Always love it when that happens. Nothing too major, though, and things that I knew about and had just forgotten due to not filling them in bugzilla. It's bad that bugzilla is my collective memory these days.

Also had a couple of good conversations on IRC with a few different folks whom I hadn't talked with in a while. One is even working on something I was planning to spend some time on after this release is done — this means I can use what he's started and generalize it more. Makes me consider getting a ppc to play with so I have a decent non-x86 box to beat on at home. Then if I switch to the ia64 at work for my workstation, I could use 3 architectures on a regular basis. Apple really has done a somewhat impressive job in dropping their prices — the dual G4s are down to what I would consider extremely reasonable prices at this point. There's just the whole stigmata of buying a Mac. Plus the knowing that I'd have to ensure Red Hat Linux kept working on ppc for my own personal use. *shrug* I don't really need new hardware anyway — what I currently have works well enough for most of my purposes.

Plan for tomorrow is more of the same. I think I'm going to spend a good part of the day concentrating on ia64 stuff and then head out early to go to the LUG meeting. Should be interesting to see what sort of turnout we get at least.

And now, dreamland beckons
But for now, to drift off into dreamland.

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