Managed to avoid working for most of the day. Woke up early, but then just sort of laid around in bed instead of actually getting up and continued to doze on and off for a while. Finally rolled out of bed, read my email and spent some time going through my new bugs in bugzilla. I always feel guilty after getting the weekly nag mail :/

Closed a few of them, asked for information on a few and put a few into assigned to work on. Then, decided to go see just how huge the new maul is… it is insanely large. Although I'm sure that the Triangle will manage to support two malls of that size, it's just ridiculous. The Barnes and Noble there was significantly larger than the one at Southpointe, though, which made it better in my eyes. Saw a few books which looked almost interesting, but nothing quite piqued my interest enough to buy it. I think I'll just read in Goedel, Escher, Bach some more until I pick up the new Orson Scott Card book later this week.

Came home and just spent some time talking with folks on IRC. Eventually decided to head out to dinner at Mellow Mushroom with and . Decided to rent a movie on the way home and picked up The Shipping News. It was quite good. Much better than The Royal Tenenbaums, which I rented last night and was pretty disappointed with.

Now, I think I'm going to look at fixing a few little bugs that are easy to fix and on getting rhythmbox built to play with.