I love our docs people to death, but reading their makefiles makes me want to gouge my eyes out with a rusty and blunt spoon. Definitely needs to go on my list of things to fix after this release. Should make things faster for them too.

Net result is that the makefiles are going to get worse in the short term so that we can a) run sed on master sgml to get arch specific bits b) create native encoded text from sgml, c) run sgml through iconv to make it utf-8 instead of native encoding, d) run sed on utf8 sgml a few times to get it to match a valid xml dtd and e) output utf8 html. Kind of sick, but it should work

Next up, after a short stopover in dreamland, is a rework of large chunks of rhpl.translate. Let's hope I don't break it too badly in the process 🙂