Once I finally sat down and started working this afternoon, I made pretty good progress. redhat-config-packages really is kind of fun to work on, it's just getting into the mindset to work on it. But the handling of stopping an install/remove process is much saner now.

I also spent a little bit looking at package removal callbacks and remembered why they suck… probably need to add bits to rpm/lib/psm.c to do package header creation based on rpmdb entries similar to what happens on a repackage for erasure. Not a priority for this release, though, I don't think. Hacking on rpmlib just isn't usually my idea of a good time. xx is just not the sort of thing you should use as a variable name.

Still want to try to get things in place for handling CDs which aren't a part of the main distro tonight (ie the docs cd or the LACD). Should really be pretty simple to do, and then I just have to write up the basic description of what needs to be done so that those in charge of those CDs can maintain them on their own without my having to do anything. Also need to write a new autorun script for them. Probably an hour or two worth of work.

The current order of business, though, I think is to eat. Hacking on an empty stomach sucks.