No real fires for me to put out this morning as I woke up and got online. Kind of a nice change from most of the past week. Went into the office and started poking at various things. Managed to fix a reasonable number of things before I left to go to LUG, but unfortunately, came up with a huge list of things which need doing. Somehow, I feel I'm fighting a losing battle where everytime I fix one thing, I get three or four more things which need fixing. Not really sure what to do about that except to continue pushing hard to get as much as I can done as fast as I can.

Went to LUG and we actually managed to come up with some semblance of planning for next semester. I'll probably give a talk on LVM at some point which should be interesting and useful for both new people and people who have been coming to LUG for a while.

Came home, spun new aurora isos, and started working.. ended up fighting with my imap server for a while since having a lot of mailboxes with over ten thousand messages tends to cause the imap server to not work so well. After cleaning up the worst offenders as far as my folders are concerned, things are moderately sane at least. I'll need to spend more time on it tomorow at work I think. Then, managed to get redhat-config-packages installing packages from a directory of ISOs. Loopback mounting is fun. The sad part is that I didn't have ISOs on my laptop, just a tree of the new beta so I quickly made my own ISOs out of the tree instead of taking the time to do the download.

Now, to bed so I can wake up in the morning and try to make some progress on the growing mountain