Busy, busy, busy…

Got up this morning and started working pretty much right away on what I was working on last night. Got a good bit of progress and finally decided to head into the office so that I could sync up with Jonathan since he was out of town all week and was suposed to be working on this with me. Got him on board and took care of all of the various piddly little things that always need doing on Monday mornings (status reports, bugzilla catchup… nothing exciting)

After lunch, finished up what I started last night, or at least, got it to a state where it's minimally usable. Started merging some other things. Did some more xml-foo, fixed a few random anaconda bugs, tweaked the syslinux screens so that you don't get the crappy colors you did in the first Limbo beta and sped up our tree building process significantly (cut the creation of the rpmdb-redhat package down from about 30 minutes to about 10… nofsync on the db flags really is nice)

On my way home, came up with the solution to the problem I had spent a while at work thinking on and have now written up a basic proposal to throw around tomorrow to see if anyone can shoot any holes in it before I do the implementation. It should be sufficient and much simpler than what I was previously thinking about doing. Not perfect, but workable. And I'm getting to be pretty pragmatic about these things. Especially since a lot of the pieces can change some for future releases as long as the basic infrastructure is good.

Now, hopefully have fixed the bug in auroraconda that kept the second stage modules from working and am about to head to bed once I kick off a tree for that.

Tomorrow — more of the same. Need to remember to spend some time on nagging i18n issues.

Random aside — anyone have a good reference on writing XML DTDs? I didn't do the original one for the comps file, but it badly needs updating so it's probably a good time to learn. And the DTD is a necessary prerequisite to trying to freeze future format changes from occurring (at least, in my mind from my simplistic view of XML)