As expected, hit the ground running today at work with lots of things to do. Managed to get a reasonable amount done and leave before it got to be too late, even.

  • Keymaps for the loader are generated during buildinstall and only lists the keymaps we care about. Saved some space on the boot images as an extra bonus
  • More comps finagling for handling of optional packages in components and their dependencies. Lions, tigers, and bears. Oh my. That code definitely needs rewriting at some point.
  • More tinkering with silly small patches
  • Got auroraconda installing until it tracebacked with silo not being in the comps file. Oops. Fixed that and a few issues in the silo.conf that got written out
  • Looked at why Chinese has been hosed for a bit… got half of it fixed

Not too bad for a day's work really.

Tomorrow is more hacking on anything I can and then leaving work at a reasonable hour to head to LUG. And probably a bit more hacking afterwards, since that seems to be the theme recently.

I really need to upgrade my box at work or just switch over to the new machine I installed the end of last week. At this point, there are just too many things I can't do on a 7.3 base. Most of the reason I haven't switched, though, are mainly just because of the time it requires to either migrate or upgrade my workstation. I can't just do an anaconda upgrade because I know there are a few places that I've munged my machine to where it will trip up anaconda. And upgrading by hand is always painful. Maybe I'll just sync over my home directory to the new box and then actually try to use it tomorrow instead. Though I should also come up with a hostname and get a real IP for it if I'm going to do that instead of using the random dhcp address I have right now. Oh well, I can make that decision in the morning. Now is the time to read a little bit and then head to bed.