Kernel panic: I refuse to corrupt memory/swap.

What a bizarre day. Got in to work, took a look at a few things, and then we had a luncheon meeting. It's never a good sign when they bribe us to go to meetings with food 🙂 Luckily, the food wasn't crappy pizza for a change and the meeting wasn't terrible. Though it was LOOONNNGGG.

Two and a half hours later, wandered back upstairs and finally finished reading my mail. Proceeded to bang some more on the Itanium. Tracked a lot of my problems down to kernel bugs, said woohoo, and went on with beating on various things. Found another kernel bug once I finally got the installer going. This one's going somewhere that it can be referenced regularly as it was quite amusing — “Kernel panic: I refuse to corrupt memory/swap”.

Managed to get a few other little things out of the way, and just before I was going to leave, a group gathered to go to dinner, so I went as well.

Came home and got a few of the things I had wanted to get done tonight done as well. Got an anaconda built for aurora which will hopefully lead to an installable tree at last. Have to be sure to go down and test it out tomorrow. Also, got some of the ncsu-gdm changes that Jack and I had discussed for the Realm Kit. And the last bit I did was update the anaconda po files so that the translators can get to work. Oh, and fixed evolution to work with the new ldap protocol (I hope… it's building, I'll test it tomorrow if I find time to set up openldap… otherwise, I'll test on Thursday when Nalin gets back)

Going to make it a point to both get in and leave work on time tomorrow, I think. It's at least a noble goal 🙂