There, anaconda now has a lot more mnemonics. Went through pretty much every screen and added them. Skipped the main partitioning screen and the boot loader screen for now. The former because Mike was going to get them and the latter because I need to do some more work on that screen anyway, so I might as well wait until I've done so. I think I'm going to take a break from it for a bit, though, and just read to take some advantage of my day off.

2 thoughts on “95180”

  1. Heh. better get your rest – I just entered three bugs against anaconda on upgrades. that’s….4 or 5 so far…

    At least I’m finally getting it to upgrade….15th time’s the charm and all!

  2. Bugzilla is getting kind of frightening… I probably need to go through one day this weekend and clear out what I can. Otherwise, all I’ll get done on Monday is going through bugzilla :/

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