Got a little bit done today and then left “early” to go to LUG. Had a good time, even if we did go on a few more tangents than is even normal for us. Then, an enjoyable dinner and talked about a good number of different subjects. Then, I took a look at the Thinkpad T30 that Pam had since I keep thinking about getting a new laptop. The Thinkpads really are a lot nicer than the Dells and the T30 is a pretty sweet machine. I haven't 100% convinced myself that I need a new laptop, but I'm getting a lot closer pretty quickly.

2 thoughts on “94589”

  1. Better construction, a lot less incidences of things like keyboards flaking out and motherboards frying, and less crappy BIOSes. I’m convinced that Dell BIOS engineers can’t code their way out of a wet paper bag and have a number of weirdnesses with APM to prove it.

    That said, the Dell machines aren’t bad, it’s just that I’m tired of dealing with APM suckage and the video situation on the T30 (mobile Radeon) is a lot better than what you find on current Dells (usually either the Intel i830 crap or nvidia shite).

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