2 thoughts on “93947”

  1. I’ll trade you BG for my copy of Ephemeral Fantasia. Maybe you’ll like it, but I sure don’t. *grin*

    Rage Racer V, if you can find it, is cool. Old-school racing. And do not be afraid of the PS1 Game “Looney Tunes Sheep Raider” – it’s a lot of fun (and something I need to finish some day).

    Hmmm. There are a *LOT* of great games out there, just a lot fo them are PS1 games. Saga Frontier, Bushido Blade 1 & 2…Sub Zero was cool, too, and I hear there’s another MK Mythos game coming…as well as MK5, which just looks…WOW.

  2. Yeah, the problem is always just separating out the good games from the crap. I tend to just take a while and read a bit about them online, potentially even play it elsewhere or rent it, then buy a game and play it until I beat it. Of course, playing BG really has me wanting the Linux client for NWN to come out… I’m sure I’d then discover that I needed to upgrade one of my machines, though, to be able to actually play it :/

    I really think that one of the smartest things that Sony did with the PS2 was make it compatible with the PS1… it’s a lot of the reason the Xbox is really hurting (well, that and the fact that the PS2 had a year or so of a headstart on gaining market share)

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