There, although it took me a while to get motivated this weekend, I did get the one big thing I wanted to done. I now have a replacement for the silly findUpgradePackages method that anaconda uses to find what packages should be upgraded. The new one is written completely in python and doesn't have the broken bits with handling files drifting between packages. The latter was fine back when Red Hat Linux was small, but now it's just insane and causes things like emacs to get installed on just about all pre-7.3 to 7.3 upgrades.

A bit of churning with python later and we have a new and improved method. Looks good based on looking at the output on my laptop, but I'll do a few more tests tomorrow before actually committing it.

Otherwise, didn't accomplish a whole lot today. Spent a while looking at GConf and AFS locking. Conclusion, AFS locking sucks. Must send mail to the openafs folks and try to get it fixed. Also, went out and had a nice bike ride this afternoon, though it was a tad bit warm. Afterwards, went and jumped in the pool here and had a nice cool-down swim. Bizarre to think that after a year of being here, I hadn't been to the pool at all.

I think that sleep is now in order. Then, I get to sit down in the morning and figure out a todo list for the week. I can already tell its going to be on the long side :/