Haven't done much other than work the past few days… have done such fun things as completely rewrite the UI in GUI for boot loader configuration and spent a lot of time working on the next generation of comps which we can hopefully get in.

Plans for the weekend at the moment – nil. Probably need to do the much needed rewrite of anaconda's upgrade code, but I have a hard time seeing that taking more than a few hours one night, at least not the “getting code to replace rpm.findPackageUpgradeSet()” even if it isn't quite plugged into anaconda yet.

Actually, Minority Report starts this weekend, so I'll probably go see it as it at least is based on a good story. Should be interesting to see if Spielberg screws it up or not. From a quick look, it looks like the reviews are good for the little that they're actually worth.

Oh well, bed time for me

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  1. Yes, defininely Minority Report this weekend. It’s quite possibly my favorite PKD short story though, so if Spielberg mucks it up, well, as Thor said, we gotta get his balls.

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