5 thoughts on “89102”

  1. Sometimes it is an issue of simplicity. Sometimes it’s just people only seeing nails, and using their hammer.

    The bigger question is why not sed or AWK instead of Perl.

    Of course, if you use them all together, you have no need for Perl at all, unless you want to do networking and database crap. But then you’re writing a program, not just scripting something to make daily work easier.

    Personally, I type out tons of one-liners in my shell, and almost never use Perl, now.

  2. i got into the habit of using perl instead of shell when @ ibm and the only option was korn (ksh) or using perl. Oh, and using perl meant I could use a good number of CPAN modules.

    I think it turns out to be an extensibility thing in many cases. if you think you’ll need something that does all kinds of crackalicious things, you’re better off in a language like perl (or python, or whatever) that has lots of modules you can leverage. If, OTOH, it’s an isolated thing that’ll never fall to feeping creaturism and shell (just /bin/sh, not assuming bash’isms or whatever) does just fine, then go for it.

    I just finished shell-script install/uninstall’s when the customer wanted graphical installers – I’m all about KISS 🙂

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