Got some good stuff done today… took care of censored and hopefully am all done with that steaming pile of crap. Also, spent some time looking at the evolution crap and got a bit further… I may actually be building a working package at present (*crossing fingers*).

The other fun thing I looked at was isolinux. It looks like isolinux might actually be a workable solution to the problem of “only” being able to have a 2.88 meg boot image sticking to standard floppy emulation stuff. I'm pretty happy with the results I've gotten just from my own testing and the initial testing results from some of our testers and internal folks. I'll give it a few days to shake out, but I've pretty much got everything that needs to be done in anaconda to support it.

After leaving work, spent a little time finishing up things I've been working on and spent a bit of time on auroraconda. We'll see how that actually looks come the morning as well.

Of course, I still have to catch up with the fact that I lost two days last week to unplanned work and most of today to the same.