Fairly relaxing day today and managed to spend it not working, which is always a nice change.

Went over to the installfest when I woke up and puttered around on an ultra30 with a firmware password set… note: do not upgrade silo if there's a firmware password set just on the off-chance that it doesn't work. Also tried to get 's hppa box at least started with some sort of install. Wasn't very successful — it got an IP but never actually tried to use tftp for some reason.

Then, we went out to Exploris. Since it was about 3:30 when we got there, we got in for free (woohoo! 🙂 and still had enough time to go through most of the exhibits. I was pretty impressed — I hadn't actually been to Exploris yet. The Tibetan Portrait exhibit was very nice and I picked up the book which actually has copies of most of the prints from the exhibit. I also spent a bit of time going through the Anne Frank exhibit — made me want to reread it and also visit DC sometime to go to the Holocaust Museum again. I need to make a point to go to some of the other museums in Raleigh as I really haven't been to them in years.

Then, went to Spartacus for dinner and watched the Matrix.

So, overall, a pretty quiet day. Can't complain much, really. Should probably start making a list of some of the things I need to get done tomorrow. I think I'm just going to go read, though, and deal with tomorrow when it comes.