Ugh… it's been a long week. After the frenzy of yesterday and today, got done just in the nick of time and went out to meet my parents and sister for dinner at Tandoor in Durham since they were in the area. Then, back to work to just do some final sanity checking and then take care of the devel server tasks for the outage window tonight. Nothing too horrible really, just upgrading the internal irc server's ircd for a few tweaks and moving an ES40 into one of our racks.

Then, went with msw, nalin, and blizzard to see The Bourne Identity at Mission Valley. I hadn't been to a movie at Mission Valley since just after they reopened and I was glad to see that they have improved things a bit since then. Not a bad film, either, even if it was a little trite, cliched, and contrived. Fun at least.

Went back to the office just to see how things were going with the bigger bits of work planned and ended up sitting around talking with our IS guys for a few hours. Heard some fun stories of discussions with Dell and sat around talking about various things. Got some reasonable ideas and feedback, which is always good. I really need to do a better job of actually talking with our IS guys and seeing what they want from anaconda (and Red Hat Linux in general) as they really are a good model of our target customer.

Now, to sleep I think so that I can wake up and head over to the installfest at some point. One of the advantages of not being an officer is that I don't feel obligated to get there at 10:30 or to stay the whole time anymore.