Spent waaay too much of today in meetings. I hate how meetings suck the life out of you. :/

Otherwise, got a little bit done late tonight… I have most of what I should need for handling preexisting LVM setups for anaconda as a stand-alone little python program that just prints the info out. I should be able to get that working without too much difficulty tomorrow and then get correct handling of all sorts of nifty stuff done.

In auroraconda news, I remembered something about the loader and test mode, so tweaked it so I managed to get the same segfault in test mode that I was getting in the actual install test. So, five minutes with gdb later, I had a patch. Built a new loader and initrd… still not quite right (was missing the nfs module), but got a lot further. So, built a new tree once I got home… I'll test or get to test it out tomorrow. Any sort of minimal-ish installer would be good at this point.

Now, if only I could have had all day to work instead of just a few hours this evening.

3 thoughts on “84847”

  1. get pam to record it and put up the mpeg link 😉

    i want aurora to get fully mature in the same month that Sun dumps all future Sparc support. their conversion to x86-land is so sad

  2. No one wants to see that. Trust me. Pam doesn’t even want to see that. But she doesnt have much choice!

    Heck, I want Aurora to mature too. 🙂

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