Had fun today, although I didn't manage to get any work done. Not necessarily a bad thing, though.

After leaving Hickory, I stopped by Science and Math on my way back. Spent a long time there going around talking to faculty members and the like. Talked at length with Therese Taxis about ways to get alumni more involved, especially the bazillion of us in the area. It was good to go back and see how people were doing; weird not to know the students, though (especially as some of them knew of me, which was even weirder).

Then spent a little while talking with and since I had left my camera over at their apartment last week before I left town. Left there and dropped in to see and . After seeing the Tivo in action, I will admit that they're cool. I still don't think I watch enough tv to make it worthwhile.

When I finally got back here, spent a long time sifting through mail. Luckily, today was a holiday, so my mail load was relatively light.

Lot to do this week. If I can be as productive every day of the week as I was last Thursday, it'll all be good. I'm just usually not that lucky.

Off to read for a short while before heading to bed I think.