Slept in again. I'm a bum. Woke up, went out to my uncle's. Spent the afternoon doing nothing of any use. I should have taken my laptop along with me.

This evening, spent some more time on getting things ready for the linuxpower switchover. I think I just need to do some final backups, dump mailman archives, and send stuff to Seth to finish that up. I'll do it when I get back to Raleigh tomorrow.

Puttered around a while on IRC after that, and then finally realized I needed to get a little bit done. Got rhpl's translate.py usable for modules other than anaconda, which will be good. Also tweaked the simpleconfig implementation in there to the “better” one that I've got. And finally almost finished up the work to merge redhat-config-keyboard into anaconda. I just want to look over it again tomorrow before committing and then probably go into the office to test a tree build with it to make sure I don't break things too badly.

Tomorrow, have to go to the dentist in the morning and then I'm heading back to the Triangle.